There are Four Components of a birth chart or Kundli: Houses: Houses are the domain of our life where the energies of the planet and sign operate. Houses are always fixed and constant. Signs: Signs are the sectors that fall in different houses as per the ascendant. Each sign lies less than 30 degrees only. Planets: Planets are the energies representing the will of God on human life and they operate through houses by having the lordship of sign in astrology. Ascendant: Ascendant is the sign which was rising at the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth. The sign falling in the 1st house of your Horoscope is known as your ascendant. Description of houses in astrology 1st House: self, appearance, attitude, body, and gains through self-efforts. A planet placed in the first house shows the kind of attitude we have, how we appear, and the quality we possess. 2nd house: family, childhood, money accumulated, banking, the food we eat, speech. A planet placed in the second house shows the source of our income, the kind of food habits we possess, and the quality of our speech.

3rd house: marketing, younger, sibling, printing, communication, media, short travel, attraction hobbies, writing. Planets placed in 3rd house show the strength of our will, courage, hobbies we have, what one expresses and communicates, siblings especially the younger ones. 4th house: mother, early education, home, real estate, vehicle, domestic atmosphere, immovable assets. A planet placed in the 4th house describes one’s mind and thoughts, kind of domestic atmosphere inside the house, luxury in house. 5th house: love feeling, solutions, advising, entertainment, children, learning, creativity, Mantra, speculation. Planets in the 5th house show what one wants to learn, good karma accumulated from the past life, deepest interest and passion, and first child. 6th house: loans, litigation, enemy, competition, job, service, disease, maternal uncle. Planets in the 6th house show the kind of disease one can have, where one can be imbalanced causing opposition, fights, and obstacles.

7th house: Spouse, Partner, worldly interaction, daily sale, or retail store. Planets placed in the 7th house show the quality and appearance of your partner and one’s relationship in general. 8th house: Occult, lottery, chronic disease, surgery sudden gain, sudden loss, unearned money, depression, technical work, factory production, humiliation, inheritance, suicidal tendencies, procrastination, sham Shan. Planets placed in the 8th house show one’s process of transformation and change, other people’s money especially spouse, chronic illness, and cause of death. 9th house: Religion, law, higher education, insights, Guru, Father, long-distance travel, Internet, grandparents, Ancestors (Pitra), luck, Higher Learning. A planet placed in the 9th house describes one’s religion, spiritual tradition, and guru. 10th house: Fame Status Karma politics government recognition branding. A planet placed in the 10th house describes one’s profession, authorities’ action, and public influence. 11th house: fulfillment, gains and profits, friend circle, philanthropic institution, NGO clubs, societies. A planet placed in 11th house describes one’s source of gains support from influential people, groups, and organizations.

12th house: Investment, expenditure, shopping mall, foreign, meditation, jail, Hospital, research, import and export, innovation, charity. A planet placed in the 12th house describes one’s source of expenditure, losses, the pursuit of spiritual liberation and bed pleasures. Description of Planets Sun: Soul (Atma Karaka), Govt., Father, Authority and leadership, Charisma, Vitality, Health, Ego, and soul purpose. The placement of the Sun in your horoscope shows the area of your life where your soul wants to be, where you can shine and become famous, an area where you can experience authority and also the area where you can be arrogant and become egoistic. Moon: Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Mental attitude, Mother, Mind, Memory, Sleep, Imagination, General happiness and Peace of mind. The placement of the Moon in your birth chart shows the area of life about which you think frequently, you are interested in and the area where you are most comfortable. Mars: Energy, Strength, Anger, Conflict, younger sibling, weapons, Accidents, Litigation, debts, Landed property. The placement of Mars in your horoscope shows the living area where you are very active, an area where you feel energetic, area of conflicts and passion. Mercury: Intellect, Intelligence, Speech, Networking, Communication, Writing, Acting and short distance travels. Placement of mercury shows the areas of your life where we use our intellect communicate our ideas and use our intelligence. Jupiter: Wealth, fortune, dharma, religion, knowledge, higher wisdom, ethics, morals, long-distance travel, teaching, Guru, Father, traditions. The placement of Jupiter in your birth chart tells us the path of our growth, where we will be getting wealth and opportunities and the area we get wisdom. Saturn: Focus, Misfortune, grief, separation, longevity, limitation, responsibility, discomfort, limitation, shame guilt anxiety. The placement of Saturn in your chart shows the area where we feel restricted, face the highest challenges, area where we are disciplined, area where we can work hard and be fearful. Venus: Beauty, Love, Passion, Wife, Clothes, Vehicles, Marital Happiness, Harmony, Nature, Pets and animals. The placement of Venus in your chart shows the area where we experience love and harmony, where we express creatively. Rahu: Unorthodoxy, rebellion, confusion, attention, propaganda, new technology, grandparents, sudden changes, ups and downs. Rahu’s placement in your chart shows the area of our strongest desires, attachment and the area where we can achieve our material ambitions. Ketu: Intention, Occultism (Tantra & Mantra), spirituality, detachment, isolation, liberation, or moksha. The placement of Ketu in our chart shows the area of our life where we feel detached, lack desire and experience doubt and disillusionment. These are the basics of Vedic Jyotish that a beginner must need to know about.