Planets are heavenly bodies moving in their orbit around the sun. Their movements have been studied and observed over time and have been confirmed by experiments. They can be seen in the structure of our solar system. Each of these planets has nearly a spherical shape, different sizes, and different masses and their environments change with time. They all have different chemical composition, emitting the different energies in the form of radiations and other forms of energies which affects the Earth energies in which we are living, thus affecting the whole system of life in a direct way. The energy of the Planets, asteroids, or any other astronomical body leads to changes in the behavior of humans and all the life forces. So the effects of planet’s impact are studied through Astrology and predicting the events on a regular basis.

Planets are the main building blocks in Astrology and the delivery of results is given by the positioning of planets in the Chart. Every situation or behavior on earth is governed by a single planet or the combination of planets and is summed up in the form of Horoscope or Kundali. Whereas in Vimshhotri Dasha system is the most popular system for the decoding of planets impact. Overall the planets are the backbone of astrology without them the predictions are not coming out to be accurate. Every planet is having its different characteristics which explain individuals thinking and other aspects too.

Likewise, after studying the transits and the spatial arrangements of planets, we can find out and solve the problems by giving effective and sure-shot remedies. Below we have shared the representation and energies of each planet, please have a look: The Sun represents the Core, Soul, and Heart. The Moon represents the Emotions, subconscious, Mother Mars represents the Action, Blood, Brother Mercury represents the Consciousness, muscles, Nervous system Jupiter represents the Intuition, Liver, Guru, Wisdom Venus represents the Discrimination, Wife, luxury, Marriage Saturn represents the Focus, Blockage, Hard Work Rahu represents the Concentration, illusion, Sudden changes Ketu represents the Intention, Depth, Root Cause This is all we have to share about the planets and their energies which causes a huge impact on humans on this planet Earth. We provide solutions to any problems in life to make life easy and to help humanity with remedies that work effectively.