Vastu is an ancient science of architecture in which various principles are used for design and construction in the form of measurements in order to make a building energy-efficient. Every building has a certain purpose which is to be achieved by using space inside the building. Everything made on the earth made up of some material which has some energy so as per the purpose to achieve the piece of land and material is chosen so as to develop a space having positive energy which helps the residers to achieve their aim. There is a subject of astrology which tells us about every answer to our life problems. So one of the best ways to check what is the problem and how to suppress the effects is clearly known by using clients’ horoscope. Astrology is the science of Prediction which gives us exact timings for Muhurtha to digs a foundation to start any type of construction, and so on. The purpose of Vastu is to align the energies and whatever energies are created to be fruitful for the family.

Nowadays Science of Vastu is also used to remedy the pre-constructed buildings in order to balance their energies so as to regain the fulfillment of desires without demolition which is dependent on the balance of the five elements in the house, also house entrance must be specifically selected on the basis of owners horoscope of house and in-depth knowledge of the Birth Chart.. Astro Vastu concepts are used to do the Vastu of the premises without demolition in which various aspects/energies are balanced very easily and quickly. Important points regarding Vastu: 1. The entrance of a building must be selected as per the purpose and growth of the owner. 2. Plot entrance, Constructed part entrance, as well as room entrances, must be selected as per the purpose for which it is used. 3. Borewell, the underground water tank, and the overhead water tank are very important as these will have a direct impact on the health of the family members. 4. Underground pipe fittings must not be passed through the center of the house. 5. Various Rooms in a house like Drawing Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Pooja Room, Guest Room must be selected in the proper directions as per Horoscope. 6. The kitchen must be selected in the directions of fire element as well as west also serves a purpose. 7. Toilets are indeed beneficial and problematic in certain areas of life respectively. so must be chosen with care. 8. Interior in the house must be soothing and symmetrical and heavy items like Almirahs, dining table, etc must not be placed in the center of the house, NE and SW also.